Used Games

UPDATE (02/01/2020):

The Sentry Box's consignment system has changed! Instead of filling out individual forms per game or item submitted, we ask that you sign our newly implemented contract instead.
This contract will only need to be signed one time, and from there on out there is no paper work!
Sellers will now have:
A Seller ID Number to conveniently organize and keep track of consigned items, Less paperwork!
You only need to sign the contract once, and then fill out a used slip with the condition of each item upon submission.
A 60 day window to pick up unsold items after we've contacted you. If this window is exceeded the item is considered the property of The Sentry Box.

The Sentry Box features a Consignment Games section, full of gently used games at great prices. Each item (or set of items) has an accompanying condition report,
completed by the seller, full of helpful information about the games' condition and completeness.

Swing on by and check out the offerings - they change all the time!

Want to sell your gently used games at The Sentry Box? Read on!