Games, Books, and the Environment

    Being somewhat Green and having two young daughters, I care about how I and my business affect the environment. We recycle heavily at the store (and home) and in fact I pay about $200 per month to do so. I have about six rainbarrels set up and I compost everything. While talking to a customer the other day, something he said made be think about our hobby and and how environmentally friendly it is.

    Think about it. We sell books which tend to either never get thrown away but are either passed on to a friend or sold to a used book store which then sells them to someone else. Even when they are really and truly dead, they either decompose since they are made of paper, or are thrown in recycling bins and reused. Some are less enviro-friendly than others (I am not sure about glossy magazine paper), but as a rule, most books don't harm the environment if we think about it and use a minimum of effort.

    Board games would fit into a similar category. Mostly paper, they are usually passed on or go into recycling. True, the dice and some of the pieces take a little more effort to dispose of properly but one game tossed in the garbage probably has less inpact than a disposable diaper. Metal an plastic miniatures are an exception but they are usually not tossed away either. They tend to get handed down to younger siblings or given to friends. How much plastic or metal is in in a Tonka Truck, a Barbie, or a kid's play kitchen by comparison? Unless these are in great shape and go to a thrift store, they are usually tossed out after a few years of use.

    It's just one more argument for playing games and reading books. Something to think about in any case.

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