We have the following board games available for you to try out in-store, free of charge
PLEASE NOTE: A piece of ID is required to sign out demo games.

NameTypePlayersPlay TimeAge
5 Minute DungeonCard Game2-55-30min8+
5 Minute MysteryCo-op1-65 min8+
6 Nimmt!Hand Management3-1020 min10+
7 WondersCard Drafting2-730 min10+
7 Wonders EdificeHand Management3-730 min10+
Adventure PartyCooperative Game3-830-60 min10+
AgricolaWorker Placement1-530 min12+
AlhambraHand Management2-645-60 min8+
AltiplanoBag Building2-560-120 min12+
Animal Upon Animal (Tier Auf Tier)Kids2-415 min4+
ArboreaStrategy1-590-120 min14+
BendominoDominoes with a twist!2-410-20 minutes6+
BlokusAbstract2-420 min7+
BohnanzaNegotiation2-745 min12+
Boss MonsterHand Management2-430 min13+
Bunny KingdomArea Control2-445min14+
CadaverFantasyHorrorZombies2-620-30 min10+
Can't StopDice2-430 min9+
CarcassoneCity Building2-530-45 min7+
Castellan (in bag)Enclosure245 min10+
Castles of Mad King LudwigPattern Building1-490 min13+
Catan. Starfarers DuelResource to Move275 min12+
CavernaWorker Placement1-730 min12+
Century: A New WorldWork placement2-430-45 min8+
CodenamesParty2-8+15 min14+
Codenames: PicturesParty2-8+15 min10+
Colt ExpressAction Queue2-640 min10+
ClankFamily,  Strategy 2-430-60 min12+
Clank: Temple of Ape LordsFamily,  Strategy 2-430-60 min12+
Creature ComfortFamily1-545 min8+
CryptidDeduction3-530-50 min14+
Dead of WinterSemi-Co-Op2-560-120 min13+
DecryptoParty3-830 min12+
Dice CityDice1-445 min14+
Diced VeggiesDice Rolling2-430-45 min6+
Diceborn HeroesDice/Co-op1-460-90 min14+
DiplomacyStrategy,  Wargames2-7360 min14+
Disc coverParty Game3-820 min7+
Dominion: IntrigueDeckbuilding2-430 min8+
Dominion: Sea SideDeckbuilding2-430 min8+
Drinking FluxxSet Collection2-610-40 min21+
DuneArea Control2-6120+ min14+
Dungeon LordsWorker Placement2-490 min12+
Ecos: First ContinentEngine Building2-645-75 min14+
El GrandeArea Control2-590 min12+
Eldritch HorrorCo-Op1-8120-240 min14+
EverdellWorker Placement1-440-80 min14+
Exploding Kittens Good VS EvilCard Game2-515 min7+
Five TribesArea Control2-440-80 min13+
Flick'em UP!Family,  Thematic2-1030-45 min7+
Four CornersAbstract Strategy1-620-40 min8+
FortuneCard Game3-515 min10+
FrescoWorker Placement2-460 min10+
Galaxy TruckerTile Placement2-430 min8+
Game of Thrones: The Card GameHand Management2-460-120 min14+
Gorilla MarketingParty/ Word Game3-830 min8+
Ice CoolKids2-430 min6+
Isle of SkyeTile Placement2-560 min8+
IstanbulWorker Placement2-540-60 min14+
Just OneParty/Word Game3-720 min8+
KarmaFamily card game2-635-40 minutes8+
KemetStrategy2-590-120 min13+
King of New YorkKing of the Hill2-640 min10+
King of TokyoKing of the Hill2-630 min8+
Kingdom BuilderArea Control2-445 min8+
KingdominoTile Placement2-415 min8+
Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalSet Collection2-430 min8+
Letter JamParty/Deduction2-645 min10+
LoonacyPattern Recognition2-55-10 min8+
Lords of VegasTile Placement2-460-90 min12+
Lords of WaterdeepWorker Placement2-560 min12+
Machi Koro & the Harbor Expansion Dice2-445 min8+
Machi Koro: Millionaires Row ExpansionExpansion2-445 min8+
Maple ValleyHand Management1-545-75 min8+
Meeple LandTile Placement2-460 min10+
Memoir '44Skirmish2-830-60 min8+
Moon RiverTile Placement2-445 min8+
MunchkinTake That3-660 min10+
Munchkin: CthulhuTake That3-660 min10+
MysteriumCo-op/Deduction2-742 min10+
Next Station TokyoFlip N' Write1-425 min8 +
No Thanks!Action3-520 min8+
OceansStrategy 2-460-90 min12+
PandemicCo-Op2-445 min8+
ParksSet Collection1-530-60 min10+
PatchworkTile Placement230 min8+
Periodic: A Game of the ElementsSet Collection2-540-60 min10+
PhotosynthesisArea Majority / Influence2-430-60 minutes8+
Pick-ominoDice2-720-30 min8+
Pillars of EternityCity Building1-460-120 min14+
Point SaladSet Collection2-615-30 min14+
Potion ExplosionSet Collection2-430-45 min14+
Power GridAuction2-6120 min12+
Psycho BabbleParty Game4-1115-25 min14+
Puerto RicoAction Choice3-590-150 min12+
QuadropolisTile Placement2-430-60 min12+
QueendominoTile Placement2-425-30 minutes8+
QuiddlerWord play1-835-40 minutes8+
QwirkleTile Placement, Pattern Recognition2-430-45 minutes6+
Qwirkle CubesTile Placement, Pattern Recognition2-445 Minutes6+
Race for the GalaxyHand Management2-430-60 min12+
Record DealHumorMusic3-1220-60 min14+
Red Dragon InnPlayer Elimination2-445 min12+
Resistance, TheHidden Role5-1030 min13+
Rhino HeroDexterity2-515 min5+
Roll for it DeluxePush Your Luck2-820-40 min8+
SaboteurHidden Role3-1030 min8+
SagradaPattern Building1-430-45 min10+
SantoriniGrid Movement2-420 min8+
Say AnythingParty/Betting3-835 min13+
ScytheStrategy1-5115 min14+
SenshiSet Collection2-415 min10+
Settlers of CatanArea Control3-460 min14+
Shadow NinjasMaze2-520 min8+
Sheriff of NottinghamSet Collection3-560 min14+
Shipwrights of the North SeaWorker Placement2-550-70 min12+
SkullduggeryCard Game2-615 min8+
Small WorldArea Control2-540-80 min8+
Small World: UndergroundArea Control2-530-90 min8+
Smash UpHand Management2-445 min12+
Smash Up: World Tour: Culture Shock expansionExpansion2-445 min14+
Space AlertCo-Op/Survival1-530 min12+
Space BaseDice2-560 min14+
Spirit IslandCo-Op1-490-120 min12+
SplendorSet Collection2-430 min10+
Star Wars: Imperial AssaultSkirmish2-5120 min14+
Steam UpSet Collection2-540-60 Minutes8+
Steampunk RallyRacing2-845-60 min14+
Stone AgeWorker Placement2-460-90 min10+
Stupefy! ( Hurry Potter)Team-Based Game4-830 min8+
Super MotherloadTile Placement2-475 min13+
TACO PUCK MAPLE SYRUP CANOEReal time card game2-810 Minutes8+
Taj MahalHand Management3-560 min12+
Telestrations 12Pl Party PackParty/Drawing4-1230 min8+
Terraforming MarsEngine Building1-590-120 min12+
The ColonistsWorker Placement1-430-240 min12+
The Plum Island HorrorCooperative Game1-445-180 min14+
The Red Dragon InnCard Game2-445 min13+
Ticket to RideHand Management2-530-60min8+
Ticket to Ride: ParisHand Management2-410-15 min8+
Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912Expansion2-545 min8+
Ticket to Ride: EuropeHand Management2-530-60 min8+
TichuCard Game3-1030-90 min14+
Tigris & EuphratesTile Placement3-490 min12+
Timeline (Canada)Trivia2-615 min8+
Tiny TownsPattern Building1-645 min14+
TokaidoWorker Placement2-545min8+
Tokyo HighwayDexterity230-50 min8+
TreehouseAbstract2-420 min8+
TsuroTile Placement2-815-20min8+
Tsuro of the seasAbstract Strategy2-820-40 min8+
Tsuro Phoenix RisingAbstract Strategy2-820-50 min8+
Tyrants of the UnderdarkDeckbuilding2-460+ min14+
UnearthDice/Set Collection2-430-60 min8+
UnoTake That2-1030 min6+
Welcome to Your Perfect HomeFlip N' Write1-10025 min10+
Wits & WagersParty/Trivia4-2025 min8+
Wits & Wagers: FamilyParty/Trivia3-1020 min8+
Zombie DicePush Your Luck2+10-20 min10+
Zombie KidzCo-op2-415 min7+